Why the Jazz Aesthetic Will Be Swinging Through Homes In 2024


It only takes a brief glance through home decor trends of the past couple of decades to understand that when it comes to what’s in style: what’s old is new again. Just like in fashion, trends are often cyclical, going in and out of style with later generations putting their own spin on classic looks. So it likely comes as no surprise that one of the latest predictions for 2024 is a blast from the past. According to the 2024 Pinterest Predicts report, the jazz aesthetic is making its way into the mainstream this year across everything from (obviously) music to fashion, and even decor and design. 

Here’s what you need to know about embracing this moody, ~saxxy~ style in your home according to interior designers. 

Marty Baldwin

What Is the Jazz Aesthetic?

The jazz aesthetic draws inspiration from the Jazz Age of the 1920s and 1930s, a time period characterized by the introduction of jazz to mainstream music by the Black community. This era embodies much more than just music though—it was a time of great economic and sociopolitical change (the Prohibition Era, women’s suffrage, post-World War I, etc.) which resulted in a distinct culture.  

While jazz is now seen as a classic, traditional genre of music, at the time it was somewhat of a counterculture movement, popularized in illicit speakeasies by the youth as a form of freedom and self expression.

The music, dance styles, fashion, clubs, and alternative attitude of the time come together to form the aesthetic you think of today: moody and rich color schemes, glamorous details, dimly-lit spaces, vintage accents, individuality, and—of course—a focus on the music.

“Jazz is all about self expression, so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing this trend popularized this year,” says Julia Newman, founder and principal designer of Julia Adele Design.

Across all areas of life, including home design, nostalgia and unapologetic originality are in. Gone are the days of sterile-looking interiors and matching sofa sets in every home. People are looking for ways to create cozy spaces that reflect their own personality and tastes, embracing vintage homewares, and challenging norms in their homes and personal lives. When you think of what makes jazz, jazz—it fits right in.

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Embracing the Jazz Aesthetic at Home

When it comes to embracing the jazz aesthetic at home, follow a few simple rules to achieve the look.

“The jazz aesthetic is a mix of Art Deco silhouettes and dark and moody color palettes, all with a speakeasy vibe,” says Sarah Storms, founder and principal designer of the interior design firm Styled by Storms. “It’s about creating an environment that is sexy and intimate, similar to an old school lounge.”

To get that sexy, speakeasy space, embrace plenty of dark wood tones, curved silhouettes, low lighting, moody colors, and vintage pieces layered throughout your home.

“Think channeled velvet or leather banquettes, settees, or sofas with fringed lamp shades on a side table … then lighting—specifically chandeliers and wall sconces—should be sculptural in silhouette,” Storms says.

A bar cart is basically a must: Style yours with crystal decanters and glassware to really channel the speakeasy feel. If you have a record player and a collection of records (obviously jazz ones), dedicate an area to prominently display them. Album covers make fresh, personal pieces of art—hang them on your walls or place them on shelves.

“You can also add some jazz-age posters, album covers, or black and white photography to fast-track this look,” says Caroline Kopp, founder and principal designer of Caroline Kopp Interior Design.

Even if you don’t have a record player, Kopp recommends playing plenty of jazz music to help complete your space and embrace the culture.

“Spotify has tons of fun modern jazz playlists to match all tastes,” she says. “Music is so critical to creating that glamorous nighttime experience, so don’t forget to include some good speakers in your design plan.”


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