Latest POP ceiling designs to amp up your home decor in 2024


If you are looking for a trendy false ceiling, you have come to the right place! Many materials are available for ceilings, depending on the expected effect and budget. The latest POP designs are available for a sophisticated and beautiful appearance, affordable cost, and a simple installation.


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What is a POP design?

The full form for POP is Plaster of Paris. It is a dehydrated type of gypsum sold as a dry powder mixed with water to produce a paste. Depending on the needs, the paste is then moulded to create various fake ceilings such as recessed, T-bar, suspended, and so on.


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Latest POP design: Price

The latest POP designs can be incorporated into practically any element of your house and are completely adjustable to your preferences. Simple POP design for bedroom costs vary according to design types, patterns, and paint colours.

 The price also differs significantly between cities. Prices for POP ceilings start at Rs. 145/- sq. ft. and increase based on the level of customisation you want to incorporate.


Latest POP ceiling design for living room

Giving the living room more life with new POP designs.

Source: Pinterest

False ceilings with tiny details can help break the monotony of a bland space. However, in order to make the POP design’s simple ceiling offer the correct amount of sparkle to your home, it must blend in smoothly with the walls. POP false ceilings with rich patterns may create a royal and inviting impression by drawing more attention. Consider spotlights in addition to simple POP design new decorations, which add drama, make the area look extensive, and are ageless. Look at the pop design for hall images 2022 to recreate your drawing room.

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP design for TV wall

This is one of the best TV lounge ceiling designs for 2022.

Source: Pinterest

The engraved space of the TV unit provides depth and character to the living room in this latest POP design. Redoing the back panel of your TV unit is a straightforward and more cost-effective method to incorporate a simple POP design for TV walls into your décor. Simple POP design for TV walls is a cost-effective investment like a wall or ceiling touch-up. The pop design for hall images 2022 below will help you adapt it in your living room as well.

Source: Pinterest

Latest POP designs for bedroom

Get the trendiest bedroom POP design in 2022.

Source: Pinterest

 Add simple POP design new ceiling to your bedroom for a luxurious vibe

A luxurious POP ceiling will provide you with the ultimate sleeping experience in your bedroom. The elegant T-bar suspended ceiling draws attention to the bed while concealing it from direct illumination. The best method to enjoy a fast night read is to add LED lighting. You can choose a coloured element or keep it white for maximum visibility. you can use double fan pop design to glam up your decorative ideas

Source: Pinterest


Go beyond false ceilings

Every house says something, giving it a voice with an stunning POP design for the ceiling.

Source: Pinterest

Latest POP design concepts for bedroom decor are likely to improve the appearance of your bedroom area without compromising practicality or taking up too much space. For example, the POP jaali wall mount also functions as a headboard. These ceiling to wall POP designs feature something for everyone, from wall trimmings to TV sets.

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP designs for kids’ room

Kids love colours so get the colour choice with vibrant bedroom POP design 2022.

Source: Pinterest

When it comes to introducing the latest POP designs into your child’s bedroom, you may be as eccentric and crazy as you like. POP can be modified in arrangement and paint colours to make your child’s wish come true. To fit the concept of the bedroom, you might have specifically made headboards, wall décor, or ceiling patterns. They are surely long-lasting and eye-catching complements to any decor. 

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP design for dining room

A family that eats together, stays together, so add a pinch of vibrance in 2022 with this POP design.

Source: Pinterest

Establishing a separate area for a dining room in flats and tiny houses isn’t easy. Showing the ceiling variation is the most excellent way to develop a different place for this purpose. Alternatively, you can go for a new simple POP design delineation instead of increasing the living room ceiling.

Source: Pinterest

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Latest POP design for pooja room

Peace and calmness are what describe a place for worshipping, so choose the best pooja room with a POP simple design.

Source: Pinterest

We assure you that having a POP addition to this room will only strengthen its sacredness because it is a solitary and peaceful location. You may choose between a POP ceiling and a backdrop with extra lights. If you choose a ceiling, we recommend using strip lights to fill up the gaps. On the other hand, backlighting would provide the perfect calm environment if you are trying for a POP backdrop.

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP designs for balconies

Sip your drink in a space decorated with the latest balcony POP design.

Source: Pinterest

Think about starting your day with a hot cup of coffee on this gorgeous balcony! We are filled with joy and pleasure just thinking about it. So why not make them a reality? Using a combination of the latest POP designs and metal louvres, you may improve the beauty of your patio space. This approach not only enhances natural lighting but also makes a fashion statement.

Source: Pinterest 


Latest POP designs for different rooms of the home

There are loads of choices when it comes to enhancing your home’s decor with POP designs. Here are some ideas of adding beautiful POP designs to different rooms of your home.


Living room POP ceilings

Look at this chic POP ceiling design that gives your space an elegant touch. A POP suspended ceiling is used to construct the roof’s four corners, and a hollow T-bar is inserted in the middle. To liven up the area, you may add wallpaper, a textured finish, or even coloured lighting.

Source: Pinterest


POP designs for halls

With this beautiful ceiling design, you may greet your guests in style. Your individuality and taste are reflected in the suspended T-bar design POP roof. Instead of leaving the focal point simple and unadorned, lighting fixtures are modified to make it shine at night. The colours used in this design may be adjusted to match the interior colour palette and are perfect for a tiny square-shaped space.

Source: Pinterest


Kitchen POP ceilings

Try this simple design idea for your kitchen ceiling rather than leaving it unattractive and plain. POP sheets are fitted into a metal structure hung from the main roof. You may change the separation between the two levels to fit the room height. Make arrangements in advance for the light fixtures, exhaust vents, and fire alarms.

Source: Pinterest


Bathroom POP designs

A highly unique bathroom ceiling design may be seen here. You can attempt this exposed ceiling if you are on the top level or if there are no other floors above the section. Plaster of Paris is used to build the main roof, leaving a hollow centre. Glass is installed, which has the potential to both use natural daylight and create a lovely bathroom environment.

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP designs for other spaces

 You don’t have to limit yourself to your home. You can also beautify the decor of other spaces with simple and stunning POP designs. 

Office ceilings POP design

When designing new workspaces or remodelling an old one, it is vital to maintain the ceiling designs in mind. No matter how lovely the remainder of the home design is, it might be elevated by your ceiling. 

Source: Pinterest


Shop POP ceiling design

Deciding to go with a wonderfully executed décor is one of the finest methods to draw consumers to your store. This expenditure ceiling concept, which also improves general functionality, deserves some credit. Without a physical boundary, the high-low ceiling divides the store into separate areas. A pleasurable shopping experience is provided by strategically located AC vents and bright LED lighting.

Source: Pinterest


Restaurant POP ceiling design

In restaurants, the focus is on having a fine dining restaurant that goes beyond good cuisine. The atmosphere must be ideal, and the ceiling is a key component in achieving that. Here, low ceilings are used to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. There are AC vents on either side of the eye-catching centrepiece in the recessed ceiling.

Source: Pinterest


Marriage hall POP designs

Things are all about making it huge and beautiful in wedding halls. You require the ideal ceiling layout to further enhance its appearance. A majestic-looking, spherical POP roof like this one immediately dazzles onlookers. The hall appears larger than it is because of the concentric circles. It looks picture-perfect when bright colours like yellow are used.

Source: Pinterest


Latest POP ceiling designs designs to check out

As mentioned above, adding a gorgeous POP ceiling to any space can instantly amplify its visual appeal. So, here are some of the most popular POP ceiling design ideas you can choose from. 


Wooden POP ceiling design

The traditional and modern elements of this ceiling design work beautifully together. We are reminded of the traditional ancient homes by the solid hardwood logs that enhance the modern POP ceiling. Utilising cove lighting creates the ideal atmosphere and tone in the space. 

Source: Pinterest


Wall ceiling POP designs

Source: Pinterest

This ceiling might be a terrific option if you like realistic and three-dimensional art. This is a creative take on the traditional T-bar design. Original sidebars are developed instead of a boxy shape, and the sides are trimmed appropriately. Using a POP element, the wall underneath it adopts the same form as well. Cove lights are put behind to make the area more visible.


Butterfly POP ceiling designs

With this lovely wall décor, you can make your butterfly fancies come true. This POP-created mural was created as a tribute to the splendour of nature and is intended to cover the walls and roof. When seen from a distance, the layered design seems to be three-dimensional. You may decide on the colours or even go with a rainbow hue based on the rest of the interior design concept.

Source: Pinterest


3D POP ceiling design

Prepare to be stunned by this remarkably lifelike 3D ceiling. A premium 3D wallpaper is adhered to on a POP construction using a specialised adhesive. The landscape may come to life and transport you to a completely different zone by adding lights behind it. Additionally, you may pick from a variety of themes, including waterfalls, birds, the sky, or even a unique image.

Source: Pinterest


Round shape POP design

The advantages of circular ceilings over square or rectangular ones are enormous. We create the appearance of an airy feeling in the space by placing a spherical piece in the centre. It also gives the impression that the space is larger than it is. Here is one such concept that works well in large conference spaces and halls. For greater aesthetics, hang ornamental lamps from the centres.

Source: Pinterest


Rectangle POP design

The advantages of circular ceilings over square or rectangular ones are enormous. We create the appearance of an airy feeling in the space by placing a spherical piece in the centre. It also gives the impression that the space is larger than it is. This is one such concept that works well in large conference spaces and halls. 

Source: Pinterest


Square POP design

This concept outperforms the others for a square room. POP and frosted glass panels are used in the roof’s design to create this unusual building. The use of hidden lighting maintains the interiors well-lit without being too bright. By using such concepts, you may lessen your need for the other accessories because it stands alone as an attraction.

Source: Pinterest


PVC POP ceiling design

You have to get this unique ceiling design to improve the home design. POP moulding is used to construct the principal fake ceiling. A PVC component is employed to enhance the room entry. This is a brilliant substitution for conventional wood, which is pricey and vulnerable to weather-related harm.

Source: Pinterest


POP ceiling flower designs

Including these lovely flower medallions in the decoration is another simple way to incorporate POP. It may be used as a centrepiece or in conjunction with a fake ceiling. The nicest thing about them is that you may select whatever style you desire and that they are readily accessible in stores. The roof is adhered to and held in place by a specific grout.

Source: Pinterest


Fibre POP designs

Source: Pinterest

Want to give your house a quirky feel? If so, you must choose this cutting-edge fibre optic ceiling. Plaster of Paris is used to create the base, and optical fibres are placed into the perforations. 


Glass POP design

The addition of this wonderful glass component is another excellent approach to enhancing the appearance of your POP ceiling. Even though glass is a fragile material, utilising it with POP helps to prevent breaks. 

With the aid of a metal frame, the stained glass is fastened into the hole in the roof. This construction has lights put within, so the only thing you notice is how the colours enhance the interiors.

Source: Pinterest


POP designs: Benefits

There are many benefits of POP designs in false ceilings. These include:

  • No wear and tear for many years
  • High durable
  • Much more affordable than many other materials
  • Weather-resistant
  • Plenty of flexibility
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Detachable and easy to shift to other spots
  • Serve as insulators to cold and heat

POP Design: Cons

There are also certain drawbacks of opting for POP designs. These include:


  • You cannot mix cement and POP.
  • They can suffer damage from heavy decor hung on them.
  • They may not be suitable for humid environments.
  • You may face maintenance challenges.
  • It’s more expensive than lime plaster or cement. 


Installing POP Designs: Precautions

When installing POP false ceilings in your home, keep these things in mind:


  • Don’t apply POP to an area that’s prone to leakage.
  • Get POP from well-known brands to prevent any crack issues.
  • Choose a 10-12mm thick false ceiling to prevent future damage. 
  • Make sure all wires are wrapped inside a pipe to lower the risk of accidental fires.
  • Make sure the POP dries perfectly before you apply it. 


POP design: Maintenance

Maintaining the aesthetic appeal of your home’s POP design is essential to preserve its beauty and longevity. Here are some tips to ensure the upkeep of POP elements in your home:


  • Regular cleaning: Dust and dirt can accumulate on POP surfaces over time, diminishing their brightness. Regularly dust and clean POP elements using a soft, dry cloth or a feather duster to prevent the buildup of grime.


  • Avoid water exposure: POP is susceptible to damage from moisture. Avoid exposing POP elements to water or excessive humidity, as this can lead to discoloration, warping, or even structural damage. Use caution when cleaning, and if needed, use a damp cloth sparingly.


  • Repairing cracks and chips: Inspect POP surfaces for any cracks or chips regularly. If you notice any damage, repair it promptly. Small cracks can be filled with a mixture of POP and water, while larger repairs may require professional assistance to ensure a seamless finish.


  • Protect from sharp objects: POP elements, especially intricate designs and mouldings, can be delicate. Take care to avoid contact with sharp objects that could scratch or chip the surface. Be mindful when moving furniture or other items around POP features.


  • Appropriate lighting: Consider the lighting in the room to prevent discoloration. Excessive exposure to direct sunlight can fade POP surfaces over time. Use curtains or blinds to regulate sunlight and protect the POP elements from prolonged exposure.


  • Periodic repainting: If the POP design includes painted elements, consider repainting every few years to refresh the colour and maintain a vibrant look. Choose high-quality, moisture-resistant paint for better longevity.


  • Professional inspection: Schedule periodic professional inspections to assess the condition of intricate POP designs for ceilings. Professionals can identify potential issues early and provide appropriate solutions to preserve the integrity of the design.


  • Avoid harsh cleaning agents: When cleaning POP surfaces, refrain from using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agents. These can damage the finish and texture of the POP. Stick to mild, non-abrasive cleaners to maintain the original look.


How to choose the right POP design for your space?

Choosing the right POP (Plaster of Paris) design for your space can significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:


  • Consider the space: Assess the size and layout of the room where you intend to install the POP design. Larger rooms can accommodate more elaborate designs, while smaller spaces may benefit from simpler patterns to avoid overwhelming the area.


  • Reflect your style: Your POP design should reflect your personal style and complement the existing decor of your home. Whether you prefer traditional, contemporary, or minimalist designs, ensure that the chosen POP design aligns with the overall aesthetic of the space.


  • Focus on functionality: While aesthetics are important, consider the functionality of the POP design as well. For example, if the design includes lighting fixtures, ensure they provide adequate illumination for the room. Additionally, consider whether the design obstructs any functional elements such as ceiling fans or air vents.


  • Match the architecture: Take inspiration from the architectural style of your home when selecting a POP design. For instance, if your home features classic architectural elements, opt for intricate mouldings and cornices to complement the traditional design. For modern homes, sleek and minimalist POP designs may be more suitable.


  • Assess lighting conditions: Pay attention to the natural and artificial lighting in the room. Certain POP designs may cast interesting shadows or create visual effects when illuminated. Experiment with different lighting options to see how they interact with the chosen design.


  • Consider maintenance: Some POP designs may require more maintenance than others. For instance, intricate designs with crevices and detailing may accumulate dust over time and require regular cleaning. Choose a design that aligns with your maintenance preferences and lifestyle.


  • Seek professional advice: If you’re unsure about which POP design would best suit your space, consider consulting with a professional interior designer or POP contractor. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on your specific requirements and preferences.


Top alternatives to POP ceilings

While POP ceilings have long been a popular choice for their versatility and smooth finish, there are several alternative options available that can add uniqueness and character to your home. 

  • Gypsum board ceilings: Gypsum board, also known as drywall or plasterboard, offers a versatile and cost-effective alternative to POP ceilings. These prefabricated panels are easy to install, allowing for various design possibilities. Gypsum boards can be shaped, curved or layered to create different patterns and textures. Additionally, they provide excellent acoustic and thermal insulation properties.


  • Wood panel ceilings: If you desire a warm and natural aesthetic, wood panel ceilings can be an excellent choice. From traditional to contemporary designs, wood paneling adds a touch of elegance and brings a cozy ambiance to any space. Tongue-and-groove or coffered ceiling designs are popular options that create visual interest and architectural charm.


  • PVC stretch ceilings: PVC stretch ceilings are gaining popularity due to their versatility and modern appeal. These ceilings consist of a lightweight PVC membrane that is stretched across a frame, creating a smooth and seamless surface. PVC stretch ceilings offer a wide range of colors, finishes, and even translucent options for creative lighting effects. They are moisture-resistant, easy to maintain, and can hide imperfections in the existing ceiling.


  • Metal ceilings: For a contemporary and industrial look, metal ceilings can be an intriguing alternative. Metal tiles or panels in materials like aluminum or steel can be installed to create a sleek and modern appearance. Metal ceilings are known for their durability, fire resistance, and ability to reflect light, making them suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.


  • Fabric ceilings: Fabric ceilings provide a soft and luxurious ambiance to any room. Using specialized fabric panels or stretch systems, fabric ceilings can be custom-designed with a variety of textures, colors, and patterns. They offer excellent acoustic properties, allowing for enhanced sound absorption in spaces like home theaters or bedrooms.


  • Glass ceilings: For a truly unique and visually striking design, glass ceilings can create a sense of openness and bring in abundant natural light. Glass ceilings can be combined with structural elements or used as skylights to provide a seamless connection between the indoors and outdoors. They add a touch of sophistication and can be particularly captivating in areas with scenic views. POV

Exploring the latest POP designs to enhance your home decor in 2024 offers a plethora of options to elevate the aesthetics of your living spaces. From sophisticated false ceilings to intricate wall and TV unit designs, POP brings both style and functionality to your interiors. Whether you’re revamping your bedroom, dining room, kids’ room, or even the balcony, there’s a POP design to suit every taste and requirement.

While POP designs offer numerous benefits such as durability, affordability, and versatility, it’s essential to consider factors like maintenance, lighting and architectural compatibility when selecting the right design for your space. Ultimately, whether you opt for traditional POP designs or explore innovative alternatives, investing in the right ceiling design can significantly enhance the ambiance and visual appeal of your home, creating a welcoming and stylish environment for you and your family to enjoy for years to come.



What is a plus-minus POP design?

A plus-minus POP design refers to a new trend wherein a normal false feeling features added protrusions and tucked bits.

How long does a POP design last on the ceiling?

POP ceiling designs can last for approximately 15-20 years in case of no external damage.

What is the benefit of POP designs for your bedroom?

POP designs for your bedroom can add a gorgeous feel to your interiors.

How much does a POP ceiling cost for a 10×10 room?

A POP ceiling, while adding an elegant touch to interiors, can be relatively expensive compared to other materials. For a 10×10 room, the cost can reach up to Rs 15,000.

What are the disadvantages of POP?

There are several disadvantages associated with Plaster of Paris (POP). It cannot be mixed with cement, making it less versatile in certain applications. Additionally, it tends to be more costly than cement or cement-lime plaster. POP is not suitable for use in moist or humid conditions and the labour cost for its application is relatively high.

Is POP good for false ceilings?

Yes, Plaster of Paris (POP) false ceilings are a popular choice due to their durability and ability to withstand daily wear and tear. Furthermore, POP false ceilings offer a wide range of textures and finishes, enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

Is POP waterproof?

No, POP is not a waterproof material. It is inherently dry and porous, which means that it absorbs water when exposed to it.

Does a POP ceiling reduce heat?

Yes, a POP ceiling can contribute to reducing heat in a room. The air trapped between the layers of false ceiling boards acts as insulation, absorbing heat and making the room cooler. This can lead to cost savings on electricity bills, as the need for air conditioning may be reduced.

Is POP and gypsum the same?

POP is essentially dehydrated gypsum, also known as calcium sulphate, available in powdered form. When mixed with water, the dry powder rehydrates and sets in the shape of the mould, eventually hardening into gypsum once again.

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