How to Cuztomize the BB League In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet


For the longest time, the core of Pokemon games has been customisation. The series eschews typical ideas of player customisation, instead focusing almost entirely on the Pokemon themselves. What moves should they use, which ones should be in your party, and so on.


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In Pokemon Platinum, they even give you a villa to customise in the post-game. In many ways, you can view the BB League Clubroom in the Indigo Disk DLC of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as its successor, with the room freely customisable in many ways. In this guide, we’ll show you how to unlock it and what exactly you can do with it.

How To Unlock The BB League Club Room

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Drayton Introduces The BB League

Unlocking the BB League Club Room itself is unmissable. You simply have to progress the story of the Indigo Disk DLC to the point where you meet Drayton in the BB League Club Room and he makes you an honorary member.

This occurs pretty quickly after the beginning of the DLC, almost immediately after you meet Carmine for the first time after completing the tutorial section of the Terrarium open area.

After this, Drayton will explain to you how to utilise the Club Room to its fullest extent through a quick tutorial.

How To Customise The BB League Club Room

At this point, the majority of the Club Room’s functions are open to you.

However, it is unlikely you can utilise most of them, as they require copious amounts of BP (Blueberry Points), which are almost exclusively gained from BBQs (Blueberry Quests).

This will have previously been explained to you by Lacey in the Terrarium.

The easiest way to get lots of BP is to play in the Terrarium with other players, as all players share their tasks and rewards, as well as have access to Group Quests, which give hundreds of BP each.

Customising the Club Room is as easy as interacting with the PC in the room and investing BP in whatever function you want.

Some functions, such as changing the overall look of the Club Room, are repeatable. These options are highlighted in green, with a small infinity logo in the corner. All other finite options are coloured blue.

After finishing the story of the Indigo Disk, you also get the option to invite Special Coaches to the Club Room, with different combos having different interactions.

All Functions Of The BB League Club Room

Through the Support Board available through the Club Room’s PC, you gain the ability to change the overall look of the Club Room in dramatic ways.

All the options listed below in gallery order are purchased by investing in the Art Club and can be changed each time using the repeatable Art Club option.

Room Design



Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Normal Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Monochrome Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Natural Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Dark Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Classic Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Futuristic Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fancy Clubroom Design


Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gorgeous Clubroom Design

However, the Support Board also unlocks functions beyond just visual customisations.

Some of these are general gameplay changes, such as showing extra information when locking onto a Pokemon, giving you new camera effects, and changing your throwing style. Others, however, add even more use to the Club Room.

The first of these is the Smart Speaker, which lets you play selections of music in the Club Room, with more unlocked by investing in the Music Club.

The other major addition is the Item Printer, which, as the name implies, lets you print items.

Through the use of Pokemon materials and BP, it can print various items of use.

The more you use it, however, the more valuable items it prints, all the way up to Apriballs and even Master Balls.

‘Apriballs’ refers to rare Pokeballs such as Beast Balls and Sports Balls, in reference to the rare Pokeballs made by Kurt in the Gen Two games.

As you can see from the above information, all forms of customization in the Club Room come from the Support Board on the PC, so there’s no chance of you missing any of them.

Just make sure you stock up on BP to have enough to unlock all the extra functions of the Club Room, too.


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