Get Ready for Chrome to Take Over the Home In 2024


With 2023 coming to a close, interior designers and other home design experts are looking ahead in eager anticipation of new trends. And amid all the predictions, one in particular is literally shining: chrome details.

Shannon Maldonado, interior designer and founder of Yowie (a boutique hotel, shop, and design studio) teamed up with Kaiyo to outline what you can soon expect to decorate with in their 2024 trend report.

“Previously relegated to industrial settings, polished silver and unfinished aluminum feel fresh in softer settings,” Maldonado said in a statement. “When paired with wood, tile, and even soft draperies or curtains, these metals create a new romanticism with an edge.”

Here’s what you need to know about how this trend came about, keeping it from feeling too cold, and tastefully incorporating chrome into your home, according to Maldonado.

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The Rise of Chrome 

The use of chrome in interior design has been popular in spaces like restaurants and cafes for years now as a way to add texture and lend an industrial feel. This modern take is the antithesis of farmhouse decor, a long-time staple—showing that many feel it’s time to revamp their aesthetic. (It also fits right into brutalism, set to become one of the biggest home styles of 2024.)

The use of polished silver isn’t new in the decor world, but it has taken a back seat to finishes like brushed nickel and gold, oil-rubbed bronze, and even matte black and white over the past several years.

So are matte finishes set to be a thing of the past? Maldonado doesn’t think so. Ultimately, the two complement one another, she said. Mixing metals in the home is on-trend, so don’t be afraid to use a bit of both in your decor to create depth and character.

How to Use Chrome in the Home

When it comes to pulling off this trend in a fresh and modern way, it’s all about your pairings—and taking it a little bit at a time.

“A room full of polished or unfinished aluminum can feel cold or impersonal, but adding a small touch of it can be a unique conversation starter.” Maldonado says. 

Because it’s so easy to swap out, try the look by changing your cabinet hardware to a polished-nickel finish. This way, you’re introducing the high-shine look without it completely taking over (plus, it’s cost-effective). Play around with what makes the finish look just right in your space. If you want the chrome to act as more of a focal point in your kitchen, opt for a simple chef’s prep table as an island—the result is sleek and functional.

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You can also test it out by bringing in a chrome accent or side table, from a shoe rack in your living room or a bar cart in your dining room.

“I’ve seen lots of brands incorporating a mirrored or polished finish in their offerings, and this could be a small, introductory way to add this look into your space,” Maldonado says. 

Small decor pieces bring everything together: Think candlesticks, table trays, trinket bowls, wall hangings, and frames. Grab a few unique items from a thrift store or secondhand shop, and place them in different rooms of your home to see what speaks to you. Just be sure to balance it out with warm tones and woods.

“[Chrome] can feel ordinary or cold when on its own,” Maldonado says. “But in this new interpretation, it feels really innovative.”


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