• Pokemon customization is more about the party you bring and how you build them, rather than deep character customization.
  • The BB League Clubroom in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: The Indigo Disk offers eight different designs that can be bought with BP from the Support Board.
  • Each design has its own unique aesthetic and appeal, catering to different tastes and preferences.

Pokemon has been home to its own brand of customization for a long time. Rather than deep character customization in terms of looks (though that is part of the reality now), it’s been more about the party you bring with you and how you build them.


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Of course, on rare occasions, the games have given you opportunities to change the world around you. The underground bases of Diamond and Pearl, the customizable villa of Platinum, and now Scarlet and Violet’s Clubroom. With so many fun designs to choose from, we decided on which is definitely the best-looking BB League room.

We’ve also included which Paldean Gym Leader would like each room the most, just for fun.

There are eight different designs to be gotten for the BB League Clubroom, all of which can be bought with BP from the Support Board

8 Normal

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Normal Clubroom Design Cropped

Normal is, as you might expect from the name, the most basic of all the designs and the default assigned to the clubroom. Outside of the somewhat eccentric trappings of the Blueberry Academy, it is exactly what you’d expect from a school clubroom.

It’s a bit hodge-podge, with plain wooden paneling adorning the walls. There’s a basic geometric carpet that looks like an argyle sweater. Some treadmills are placed against the back wall, and lockers are dotted around the rest of the room. It’s pretty normal.

7 Monochrome

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Monochrome Clubroom Design Cropped

  • It’s modern and stylish in a modest way. It shows you have taste without being over the top. Something Tulip would simply adore.

Monochrome fits the vibe of early 2010s minimalism. Gone are the varied, if a tad mismatched, looks of the normal classroom. Enter instead shades of black and white (that’s intentional, don’t worry) with opposing colors that help accentuate each other.


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The tree-like patterning on the walls is deep black now to match the scratchy-white walls. A flat-screen TV is mounted on the wall, surrounded by chic furniture including a sofa and desk. And yes, there are paintings of Black City and White Forest as you enter the room.

6 Natural

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Natural Clubroom Design Cropped

  • The Great Outdoors beautifully condensed into the Great Indoors. A place filled with grass Pokemon, but also bugs. The comfort of the inside with the nature of the outside. Katy’s favorite.

Have you ever felt like your room needed a bit more life in it? Maybe some fresh air? Then look no further than the Natural design for the BB League Clubroom. Replacing those drab indoor fittings with a touch of the outdoors truly breathes new life into these four walls.

The room is tripped down. The central table looks like something carved from a freshly-felled tree. Rows of ivy dangle from the walls, while hexagonal shelves are mounted on the walls. The room is spacious, like the great outdoors it seeks to emulate.

5 Fancy

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Fancy Clubroom Design Cropped

  • Sometimes, we can be afraid to admit that pastel colors are nice and beautiful, actually, without seeming like a child. Grusha likes to keep up an icy demeanour too, but crack that frozen core and you’ll find someone who loves the softer things in life.

There’s a certain aesthetic that is quite popular on the internet. Blinding degrees of pink and pastel, enough to make you feel like you’re living inside a birthday cake. If you’re agreeable to those styles, then the Fancy design is the one for you.


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It is, in a word, intense. Despite the soft blush of the curtained walls, it is cluttered with such a degree of cuteness to make you feel like you’ve overindulged in treats. Multicolored fairy lights dangle overhead while presents populate every corner. It’s like a deeply fanciful dream.

4 Classic

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Classic Clubroom Design Cropped

  • Just looking at this room, you can smell it. It’s aged like fine wine. Filled with mementos of the past and research towards the future. Kofu is a man who fits many of those same descriptions and would be at home in a place like this.

If there was one word to describe the Classic clubroom design, it would be ‘musty.’ It is more akin to an archaeologist’s office than a meeting place for budding Pokemon trainers. Then again, plenty of Pokemon trainers have unearthed fossils in the past.

A dark mahogany wood is paneled on every wall, giving the room a soft, dusty feeling. The walls are littered with framed fossils, and the table is strewn with research papers. It’s like being lost in a Victorian museum, grandiose and unsettling at the same time.

3 Gorgeous

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Gorgeous Clubroom Design Cropped

  • There’s definitely…something artistic going on in this room. It is not quite abstract, but it’s a bit too much expression to be purely gaudy. Let’s not lie to ourselves – Brassius would adore this place.

Gorgeous is perhaps a rather misleading word to describe this particular room’s aesthetic. Unless, of course, your idea of gorgeous is gilded gold, everything mixed with traditional Japanese interior design. In that case, gorgeous would be an apt descriptor for the wealthy-minded.


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The windows are replaced with thin sheets of amber, giving the light that enters a soft, golden tinge. The walls are replaced with sliding panels painted with brushwork trees. And just to hammer home that yes, this room is expensive, the floor reflects the entire room. If you can bear the intensity, perhaps the gaudiness is for you.

2 Futuristic

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Futuristic Clubroom Design Cropped

  • What’s your vision of the future? Some of us are stuck in the classic version, with lots of bulbous lights and massive consoles. In reality, the future is now, and it’s Iono. Even though this room isn’t exactly her version of the future, she’d still love it. And totally call it retro.

Retro-futurism is such a fascinating look, preserved by ideas of what the future would have looked like to people decades and centuries ago. Though the reality is closer to the Monochrome look, the Futuristic design harkens back to earlier Pokemon games, too.

This design makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an evil villain’s lair, with giant monitors portraying menacing mechanical airships. A massive logo adorns the floor, like an insignia of evil ambitions. Flickering lights and wires are stretched along the wall, crude machinery keeping the room active. It makes you feel like you could take over the world.

1 Dark

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet Dark Clubroom Design Cropped-1

  • You head to the snowy peaks of Montenevera, and what do you find? A sleepy town with a boisterous presence. Ryme steals the show with her ghost-type Pokemon and blistering bars. In all honestly, this is probably what the inside of her house looks like – imposing, regal, and bursting with personality.

Dark is, in all honesty, the best descriptor for this specific design’s ethos. Though there is much more to it than the fact that it is dark, it is also strikingly dark. Light is limited to candlelight, and the windows only allow the light of the moon.

Being direct, it feels like a vampire would dwell here. Regal purple paints the walls, and the grand drapes cascade down with deep shadows. Oversized portraits are fixated everywhere, painted in a baroque style to emphasize their dark nature. This room is dark in both lighting and its degree of malevolence.


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