6 Top Bedroom Decor Ideas of 2022 with Staying Power


Your bedroom is perhaps the most personal of all the rooms in your home, where you can experiment with bedroom decor ideas. It serves as your private sanctuary to relax, unwind, and let your individual style shine. Making this space comfortable and personalized is always a primary focus for homeowners and renters. To achieve that cozy, customized feel, elements like sustainable, high-quality materials and statement-making styles were on trend, according to a report from bedding and home goods brand The Company Store. Drawing insights from a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults, the information explained some of the top bedroom design trends of 2022. These ideas have staying power and a timeless quality that will make them appealing and livable for years.

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1. Designing for Comfort

As the coronavirus pandemic compelled us to spend more time at home, creating a calming haven became paramount. In fact, 53% of consumers reported that the pandemic made them realize that keeping their homes comfortable should always be a priority. Continuing that trend, nearly half of the survey participants named designing with comfort in mind as the top bedroom decor idea of 2022. To emphasize relaxation and coziness in your bedroom, layer in plush pillows and soft, luxurious textiles, and accessorize with items that make you feel calm and comforted, such as scented candles, favorite books, or family photos.

2. Sustainable Bedding

Sustainability is a top concern throughout the home, influencing our choices for cleaning products, paint, food storage containers, and more. But because we spend a large chunk of each day in bed, using natural, eco-friendly materials was an especially important bedroom decor idea of 2022. In The Company Store’s 2022 survey, 87% of respondents said sustainability is an important consideration when making purchases for their bedrooms. For those under 30 years old, that percentage rose to 96%.

Expect to see more bedding options made from organic fabrics, recycled materials, or sustainable fibers like TENCEL lyocell and bamboo. To ensure your purchase is truly sustainable, check the tag or product description for certifications such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), Oeko-Tex Standard 100, and Fair Trade Certified label.

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3. Bold Bedroom Colors

Soft neutrals like white and gray will always be favorites for their soothing feel, but warmer, bolder shades became popular as bedroom decor ideas in 2022. The report noted that orange, caramel, mossy green, and burgundy were among the most popular hues in The Company Store’s 2022 bedding collections, which tracks with the broader trend toward earthy, nature-inspired colors we saw and continue seeing throughout the home. In the bedroom, incorporate warm, saturated shades on bedding or walls for a burst of color, or start small with accents like pillows, throws, or nightstand accessories.

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4. Statement Patterns

While you might hesitate to cover your entire living room in exuberantly patterned wallpaper, your bedroom is a more private space to mix it up. In the survey, nearly a quarter of consumers under 40 said they were apt to use bold patterns in their sleeping quarters. To spruce up your bedroom, opt for eye-catching wallpaper, mix-and-match patterns on pillows and bedding, or ground the room with a graphic area rug.

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5. Splurging on Quality

Quality often requires a bit of an investment, but consumers in the 2022 survey were increasingly willing to splurge when it comes to comfort. Nearly 80% of respondents said they would rather spend extra on well-made goods meant to last than skimp on trendy, lower-quality items. The report explains that many who splurged on high-quality home items during the pandemic have become accustomed to that luxury and are now unwilling to do without. To splurge on your bedroom, consider which investment pieces would have the most significant impact. For example, a new mattress or pillow can boost your sleep quality, while a luxury sheet set can make you feel like you’re staying in a fancy hotel.

6. Focus on Guest Rooms

In 2022, after many months of canceled events and virtual gatherings, many of us were ready to start welcoming others into our homes again. Although 78% of those surveyed said they intend to host guests this holiday season, 69% said their homes aren’t fully ready for entertaining. To prepare for gatherings with overnight visitors, guest rooms became a major focus, with 30% of consumers noting their next bedroom-related purchase would be for their guest space rather than their own. In your spare bedroom, consider brightening up the walls, upgrading to more colorful bedding, or even splurging on a new mattress to make company feel welcomed and at ease.


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