15 Farmhouse Living Room Ideas and Designs


Begin With a Blank Canvas

modern farmhouse living room style
Eric Piasecki

This glorious living room designed by Kylee Shintaffer is part farmhouse and part rustic design. Shintaffer brought the best of both worlds to a couple with different design styles: one wanted “more of a white farmhouse and the other a woodsy retreat.” The open-plan living area features a large plaster and stone fireplace. “If we clad that entire thing in stone, it might feel heavy and dark,” Shintaffer notes. Instead, it’s a blank canvas that shifts the emphasis to the rest of the room—including the heart-stopping views.


Honor the Shiplap

living room
Trevor Tondoro

To up the farmhouse vibes, install shiplap. Outside of the fact that Joanna Gaines would totally approve, it’s a classic addition to all farmhouse layouts. Then add something metallic, like a coffee table or wall sconce for a surprise finish in the sea of wood.


Look to Your Landscape

living room
Margaret Austin

Gone are the days of farmhouse being viewed as a regional design—it’s popular from coast to coast! When one homeowner set out to build her forever home in Sonoma, California, she tapped Lori Anderson Wier of Anderson Wier Studio to help bring her dream to fruition. This living room is an open-concept space with distinct zones that play with topography and scale, from the low-slung sofa to a rustic coffee table.

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Get Cozy

living room
Paul Costello

Think a beach house can’t feel like a farmhouse? This living room designed by Barrie Benson proves that the farmhouse aesthetic can go coastal. It expertly balances bright and airy with warm and cozy: The sisal carpet and fireplace are so welcoming, while the lofted ceilings, natural exposure, and lofted ceilings feel light.


Choose Unconventional Seating

white living room
Leanne Ford Interiors

Bring in the fun! This eclectic space designed by Leanne Ford Interiors uses quirky seating arrangements and out-of-the-box furniture. Two small stools are painted white for a soft, cohesive, and personalized look (they can serve as coffee tables too). Plush cushions are piled on top of a ledge as a makeshift sofa, and a swing mounted from the low ceiling invites hanging out.


Go Antiquing

living room
David A. Land

Stay on theme by finding gems for your farmhouse living room at your favorite vintage or thrift stores. You don’t want it to look too on the nose, but small moments like artwork and rustic wood furniture will bring out the farmhouse aesthetic.

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Create a Multipurpose Zone

living room designed by leanne ford
Josh Franer

If you don’t have room for a separate living room, family room, and home office, combine the concepts in one famhouse-inspired space. This living room and office by Leanne Ford proves that the right layout and pieces can look great no matter what size the room.


Try Scandinavian Accents

modern farmhouse living room
Victoria Pearson

Go hybrid! Modern Scandinavian design meets farmhouse style in this bright white living space photographed by Victoria Pearson. White paint, rough flooring, and modern prints give it an edgy feel, but there’s also a bohemian touch that makes it super approachable and laid-back.


Skip Curtains

white living room
Lauren Miller

No curtains were needed for privacy in this Ontario-based home, so designer Ashley Montgomery left them out for unobstructed views of the surrounding meadows. “Nothing could be too fussy or precious,” Montgomery says of the modern and practical three-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bath farmhouse. The effect is picturesque but lived in.

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Choose Weathered Furniture

living room designed leanne ford
Alexandra Ribar

An antique stool vibes well the Chesterfield sofa in this room designed by Leanne Ford. Pro tip: Resist the urge to push all of your furniture up against the walls. If you create space behind the furniture, it makes the room look wider than it is.


Keep the Convo Going

white living room
PHOTO: Alexandra Ribar; DESIGN: Leanne Ford Interiors

If you frequently entertain at home, choose a farmhouse living room layout that promotes conversation. This room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors incorporates semicircular seating that’s spacious and inviting. Bonus: If you love the all-white aesthetic, take note: Ford brush-painted the natural Ikea rug and custom-made rope light seen here—an easy DIY that adds a lot of texture.


Borrow Ideas From the Barn

farmhouse living room
Annie Schlechter

This rustic great room was built to resemble a converted barn. If you’re blessed with a large open-plan living room, add natural wood accents and set up multiple sitting areas to maximize the space. Here, there’s one zone for hanging and snacking, one for cuddling up with a good book, and one for formal entertaining.

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Incorporate Soft Textures

wingback chair near window
Nicole Franzen

A traditional armchair upholstered in bouclé fabric looks modern and cozy against this cream and pale pink backdrop designed by Kristin Fine. The color palette helps soften the darker wood exposed beams on the ceiling.


Craft Intimate Moments

living room with window curtains open
Heidi Caillier Design

This living room off an open kitchen also functions as a dining nook, so Heidi Caillier kept the furniture edit minimal: a sofa, coffee table, and chair. Semi-sheer curtains that let sunlight pour in invite you to read by the window or sit down to breakfast.


Add Some Glamour

white living room designed by leanne ford with a chandelier
Nicole Franzen

Embrace the finer things in life! In this shabby-chic farmhouse living room designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, we love how the over-the-top, formal chandelier creates contrast and intrigue. This room is proof that it takes only one element to bring drama to a neutral landscape.


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